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Rasimah Jar (Lead Trainer & Coach)

• M. Ed. (Early Childhood Education, Australia)

• B.A. (Psychology & Economics, USA)
• Certified Professional Trainer, UK
• NLP Master Coach, International NLP Federation
• NLP Trainer, USA

• Time Line Therapy® Trainer, USA
• Hypnotherapy Trainer, USA

• Strategic Intervention Coach, USA
• Coach-ParentingTM Certified Coach, USA
• Adv. Certified Behavioural Coach, USA
• Certified Behavioural Consultant, USA
• Certified Trainer and Assessor (WDA, Singapore)
• Certified Curriculum Developer (WDA, Singapore)
• Certified Marriage Facilitator, MCYS, S’pore

Rasimah Jar is the Founder, Peak Performance Coach and Trainer of Quantum Mind International Pte. Ltd. (S'pore). She is also the Managing Director and Co-Founder of ProWISE Consultancy Pte Ltd (S'pore) and QMI Consultant Sdn Bhd (Malaysia).  

Rasimah holds a Masters of Education degree (Early Childhood Education) from Queensland University of Technology, Australia and a Bachelor of Arts double-majoring in Psychology and Economics from Indiana University, U.S.A.

She has more than 25 years of work experience in the field of Leadership and Management, Psychology, Child and Family Development and Education and has been developing practical programmes and conducting seminars, talks, workshops and trainings for professionals, volunteers, children, youths, parents, families, and teachers since 1993. She is an engaging, candid and established speaker who has brought her varied expertise, leadership and managerial experiences to professionals and organisations not only in Singapore but also Spain, Australia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Rasimah has provided her corporate consultancy and/or training services to private companies in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. She also develops Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA WSQ standard training curricula for training companies. Rasimah has provided training and organisation development consultancy services to a wide variety of industries including:
• Government agencies
• Information Technology
• Building and Manufacturing
• Health Care and Social Services
• Educational Institutions

She regularly conducts talks and workshops on professional development such as Management and Leadership skills, Personal Effectiveness and Relationship Enhancement at Work through various Personality Styles and Coaching. She conducts counselling and mediation works for individuals, couples and families on a regular basis and coaching for individuals and company owners and their key staff. She also conducts marriage enrichment and preparatory workshops and counselling sessions for to-be married and newly married young couples on a regular basis. She had sat on several national committees which looked into national concerns like work-life balance, health, anti-drug abuse, voluntarism and youth action.

Rasimah has shared her varied expertise in the areas of Leadership and Management, Personal Effectiveness, and Family education with the public through her various publication works. Some of them include a paper on 'Ethical Leadership' presented at the Global Education Conference held in Singapore in 2004, book articles on fathers' involvement in family life, newspaper articles on 'School Readiness' and Parenting in the local newspaper, Berita Harian and recently an article on women who wish to re-enter the labour market in one of the local Mediacorp-owned magazines, Manja. She has also conducted seminars on "Creating Meaningful Cross-Cultural Relationships with Your Colleagues" and "Work-Life Balance" at the Executive Secretaries and Personal Assistants Conferences held in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia in April 2008. In 2009, she has been engaged by  Mediacorp (S'pore) as a Guest Speaker to talk on "Family Values and Sex Education Begin at Home".  Rasimah has also delivered a paper on "Women and Relationships" at the Women Leadership Forum 2010 organised by Singapore Institute of Management, Singapore on 23-25 November 2010.

Rasimah has on various occasions been interviewed by the local Mediacorp's radio channels like Radio Singapore International (RSI) and Radio WARNA 94.2FM on family development, volunteerism and national issues and Radio RIA 89.7FM on youth/teen-related issues. She has also been featured as the Resident Counsellor of a local TV broadcasting Channel, SURIA TV's 10-episode info-reality series called "SEKSa" which targetted at helping parents communicate effectively with their growing teenage children on various Sex-related social issues. She was also invited to appear on Radio Warna 94.2 FM as a motivational speaker on Family Togetherness for a 20-episode "1 minute motivational talk" in June 2006, as a guest speaker on Preparing Children for Globalisation in Nov 2007, and a weekly guest consultant on issues relating to “Working Women’s Dilemma” for the month of April 2009. Rasimah has also been regularly featured as a Guest Speaker by the Mediacorp Radio (S'pore) to speak and advise on social, community and personal enhancement issues.  She has also been engaged by Mediacorp (S’pore) as a Guest Speaker to talk on “Family Values and Sex Education Begin at Home” at the Singapore Parenting Congress 2009 and twice so far as a Guest Speaker on the much loved prime-time talk show, Rudy and Rilla to give her expert advice on various topics of life issues.  To add to her accolades, Rasimah was recently engaged by Mediacorp (S'pore) to be the Resident Counsellor of 8-part Infotainment TV show called AH! Adam & Hawa where she gave her expert advice on relationships.


Besides being a busy entrepreneur, Rasimah is also a sought-after Associate Lecturer by various Private Educational Institutions of Higher Learning in Interdisciplinary Studies, Education and Psychology. Her fun, creative, practical and highly interactive method of teaching has earned much of her students’ respect and liking for her.

Rasimah is a registered member of the:
• American Board of NLP (ABNLP),
• Time Line Therapy ® Association (TLTA),
• American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH),
• International Professional Managers Association, UK and
• Singapore Training and Development Association (STADA), a professional membership institution (recognised by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency, WDA) committed to the advancement of human capital development (HCD) field in Singapore.


SC Chung

(Co-Trainer and Happiness Coach)

Lady SC is a Happiness Coach and Trainer. She helps clients from diverse background, to restore their lives to peaceful ones. She believes every one deserves to live in a golden life and to be the best version of themselves. Her strength is always seeking opportunities to reach out, helping others to rewire their mind to work positively, that is to take charge of their emotion including anger, frustration etc. as a result to boost their confidence and increase work performances.

She is excellent in handling clients with chronic emotional issues and are facing a traumatic event like grief, broken relationships, feeling lost in a cross junction, lack of confidence or feeling meaningless, or depressed from health or fitness issue, etc. They may feel that they do not know where to pick themselves up or too overwhelmed with their uncontrollable thoughts and emotion that affect their work and even family life.

She believes that the clients’ willingness is very important and she can lead them through their transformation and find their happiness through healing from the root cause of the problem. In short, she will tap into what’s in the unconscious mind of a person that he/she needs to learn from and let go of what’s not serving him/her anymore like negative emotions & belief systems.  An example will be like "I am not good enough". She can guide an individual step by step to regain inner peace and live in their fullest potential with ease.





Tel. (65) 3159 1105

Fax. (65) 6532 0243

Monday - Friday: 9.30 - 17.00

Saturday: 10.00 - 13.00


Tel. (60) 177122007

Fax. (60) 7509 6980

Monday - Friday: 9.30 - 17.00

Saturday: 10.00 - 13.00




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