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3-Day Intermediate Mastery

NLP & Time Line Therapy® Course


 Either one of  the  3 Intakes to choose from:

   Date:      15 - 17 Jan 2016 (Fri-Sun) - 1st intake

                  27-29 May 2016 (Fri-Sun)  - 2nd intake

                    1-3 Oct 2016 (Sat - Mon)  - 3rd intake

   Time:     9.30am - 6.00pm

   Venue:   STADA, Singapore


You've Got The Basics, Now It's Time To Take Things Up A Notch! and...
Develop greater skills with language, state, strategies and using NLP for positive self management and behavioural influence...
Throughout the duration of the course you will briefly revisit:

* The fundamentals of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) & its presuppositions
* Brief Introduction of the Time Line Therapy® Technique and learn:

    Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
* How to create and maintain genuine rapport
* Understand and utilise body language in communication
Deal effectively with difficult people and have instant positive connection with people

* Develop skills in observing other people

The conscious use of language to enhance your conversational influence
Learn how to find agreement easily (5-step techniques)
Learn the power to feel how you want to and how to control your feelings at anytime

* Learn how to move yourself from being stuck to being resourceful in minutes
* Understand how we all have strategies to do everything we do
* Align identity, capabilities, values, beliefs, behaviours and context to produce a dynamic recipe 
   for success
* Increase personal congruence and enhance energy levels through resolution of internal conflict
* How to take charge of your own life, having physical and mental alignment to become confident in everything you do


You will be re-introduced to and further coached in:
• ‘Milton Model’ and the ‘Meta Model’ for outstanding communication, plus
• Learning how to figure out what technique to use in any given circumstance or context in life 

Time Line Therapy®

* Improve how you can use time to change old patterns
* Discover the cause of problems

* Gain new strategies for clearing out old memories
* Let go of negative emotions from the past quickly and effortlessly so that you can move on with 

   greater clarity and confidence

* Delete limiting beliefs and dis-empowering decisions that hold you back from happiness and success
* Learn how to use your Time Line to create and get what you want

Success Stories
A well-spent 3-day course! Never felt so sure of what I need to do with my career and life until I met this course.  I become a more positive person. I am now better able to communicate with and understand others.  Most importantly, the course has helped me improve my sales percentage and income and I got the result I want by applying some of the techniques I have learnt.  I am excited to apply the rest of the techniques because I am confident I will achieve a far greater success in my career and life with the help of these techniques.  ~ Nicole Wong




A thoroughly enjoyable, interesting and insightful course.  Rasimah's ability to help me get rid of my deep-seated anger, fear, sadness, guilt and doubt is just mind-blowing!  I feel so light and refreshed.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! 


                                                                                                          ~ Clare Liang

                                                                                       Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur


Rasimah's closing techniques and unique way of telling stories and using metaphors to drive home the lessons and techniques she taught us are particularly effective for me.  I am now using the same to close more deals and sales with my potential and existing clients and am seeing positive results.  Thanks Rasimah!  ~ Christopher Chen
For Who?
Those who want to complete their knowledge and equip themselves with the full NLP concepts, models and techniques at the Practitioner level which can help them achieve their goals.

  • Have satisfactorily completed our company, Quantum Mind International Pte Ltd's 2-Day Basic NLP Course & have obtained our Certificate of Attainment leading to the Certified NLP Practitioner Course.
  • For those who have attended other NLP Basic Skills Course elsewhere, you will be assessed on your ability to demonstrate Basic NLP Skills and Knowledge of NLP Concepts by our Certified NLP Trainer before you are allowed to join in our Intermediate NLP Course.
  • For those who have missed our 2-Day Basic NLP Course, you may still join the Intermediate NLP Course upon satisfactory pre-course work and assessment (as required by our NLP trainer and at the same fee as charged for the 2-day in-class Basic NLP Course) prior to the actual date of the Intermediate NLP Course.


To register, click here:



Either one of  the  3 Intakes to choose from:

   Date:      15 - 17 Jan 2016 (Fri-Sun) - 1st intake

                  27-29 May 2016 (Fri-Sun)  - 2nd intake

                    1-3 Oct 2016 (Sat - Mon) - 3rd intake

   Time:     9.30am - 6.00pm

   Venue:   STADA, Singapore

Your Investment = SGD$880 (we allow 3 installment payments.  Please see "​Note" below)
Early Bird fee: SGD$750 
(1st intake register before Dec 2015
  2nd intake register before Mar 2016
  3rd intake register before July 2016)

Note: Initial payment of SGD$250 must reach us latest within 5 days after registration to secure a confirmed place in the course
2nd and 3rd equal installments to be settled before the start date of the course (other terms & conditions apply in the Registration form)​​​​​​.

The fee includes 2 Generous tea breaks + 1 Lunch per day, Certificate of Attainment (upon Trainers' endorsement of satisfactory demonstrations of concepts and techniques learned) & 2 Practice Sessions with our Coaches (within 2 months after the course completion)

Venue: ​Singapore Training and Development Association (STADA)
             16 Arumugam Road, #06-01, Lion Building D, Singapore 409961

Time  : 9am - 6pm everyday (inclusive of 1-hour lunch and 2 generous tea breaks)

Closing Date of Registration:
1st intake:  7 Jan 2016
2nd Intake: 20 May 2016
3rd Intake:  23 Sep 2016
To register, click here:
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